Huddleson White Vintage-Washed Pure Italian Linen Sheet Set - Full

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Product Description

Made in USA From Luxury Italian Fabrics

Huddleson has been manufacturing bed and table linens in Los Angeles since 2011 using the finest Italian fabrics. These heirloom quality pure linen sheets have a feel like no other. The fabric is woven in a family-run mill in Northern Italy that has been perfecting the skill of creating the finest fabrics over centuries. It is then pre-washed for softness, and made into sheets in USA that arrive at your door ready to give you the pampered night's sleep that you deserve.

Soothing, moisture-absorbing and oh-so comfortable, linen sheets encourage regular, uninterrupted sleep cycles – and a regular good night’s sleep adds years to our lives.

Our immaculately finished linen sheets dress some of the grandest and chicest bedrooms around the world, from actual royalty to fashion and movie royalty and have been featured in films, television shows, design and style magazines and blogs.

How To Care For Your Huddleson Linen Sheets

How to care for Huddleson Pure Linen Sheets

Huddleson’s Italian linen sheets clean very well in the washing machine. Machine wash in cold water. We recommend using a natural detergent without optical whiteners. Line dry or tumble dry low. If desired, hot iron with steam.

Wash your sheets weekly. Hair products, perfumes, facial creams, make-up, sweat and other dirt needs removing regularly to avoid permanent discoloration and weakening of your linens.

Do not use just one sheet set. Rotating your linen sheets allow the fibers to rest in between washes and will significantly prolong their life.